Eat Cleaner at Zeste!

At Zeste, we’re on a mission — to create a place where flavor and fun come together in a happy, healthy setting.  A local, woman-owned business, our focus is creating delicious fare that you can feel good about enjoying, in a neighborhood space that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

If you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, our menu includes choices you’ll feel good about enjoying.  If you’re trying to eat cleaner, no one offers more healthy choices than we do. 

And if you’re simply looking for a great choice in Kentuckiana for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a delicious smoothie or perfect coffee, infused with flavors that will delight you over and over, Zeste is that place.

But the benefits go beyond flavorful choices and a unique space in which to savor them.  A clean diet can prevent and even reverse heart disease and coronary artery disease, help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, lower cholesterol and reduce sleep apnea. 

Eating clean is ideal for losing weight or maintaining a lower weight, promoting more restful sleep, aiding in digestion and improving mental alertness and acuity.  So while you’re savoring every delicious bite, you’re doing your body — and your family — a world of good.

What you won’t find at Zeste is loud music or a lot of television screens.  Instead, you’ll find a bright, enticing space in which to unwind and enjoy a terrifically tasty meal that does your body good.  It’s the perfect place to get away from the office and work in a more relaxed and focused way.  It’s ideal for special time out with family or friends.  It’s a wonderful choice for a special event.  

With Zeste to Go, you can order online and have all that goodness waiting for you when you arrive.  And a Zeste gift card lets you share the goodness with friends and family.  But most of all, Zeste is the place to come and enjoy a delicious meal that you’’ll feel great about.