Juice Cleanse

Increased energy, strengthened immunity, reduced risk of disease, strong bones and a glowing complexion can all be yours when fresh fruit and vegetable juices form a substantial part of your daily diet. And Zeste makes it easy!  Here are three options for choosing to juice cleanse the Zeste way.



Level One

$45 per Day

5 smoothies and one wellness shot each day

Level one offers plenty of variety and keeps your tummy satisfied. This level is perfect for beginners and anyone wishing to cleanse while maintaining a regular routine and busy lifestyle. It is also a good way to prepare for a level two or three cleanse.


Level Two

$50 per Day

3 juices, 3 smoothies and one wellness shot each day

Our level two cleanse helps jump-start the cleansing and healing process while still allowing you to feel satisfied and fulfilled. Drink 3 nutritious juices throughout the day, enjoy 3 tasty smoothies and a wellness shot.


Level Three

$55 per Day

6 juices per day

Level three is for more experienced cleansers and those who want a deeper, result-oriented cleanse. Drink six delicious juices throughout the day to give your body concentrated nutrition and a break from digestion. Help flush out toxins with some light exercise and stretching, and drink enough water for your body weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content

Yes! During the first few days of your juice cleanse, your body heavily detoxifies, utilizing the energy usually set aside for digestion. So as a byproduct of slowing down or stopping your digestive process, you gain lots of energy. Once the detoxification process nears completion, that extra energy is then used to fuel greater brain and body function and harmony. Your frequency changes. It is a serene place, one where you feel secure and self-assured.

Yes. Stay with caffeine-free varieties such as rooibos or chamomile.

No. In order to get the greatest benefit from your cleanse, abstain from eating any and all food. On a fast, we want to slow or even stop the digestion entirely. Even a smoothie has lots of fiber in it, which the body has to break down. When energy is focused on breaking down fiber, no cleansing can occur. The more fiber the body has to break down, the less it has energy to detoxify itself.

No problem. Just let us know 24 hours in advance. This will help us either stop production or increase it per your needs. You just might find that you feel so good on your juice cleanse that you want to keep it going for a few more days.

No. The only guidelines are to drink lots of water, drink juice when you feel hungry (every two or three hours), and drink your last juice or smoothie at least three hours before you go to bed. You may want to drink water or hot tea (without caffeine of course) closer to bedtime.

Three days of cleansing will greatly detoxify you. However, it is a very personal experience and some people will take longer to get fully detoxified. It is also dependent somewhat on age. Most people beyond the age of 30 have begun to store toxins in large and dangerous quantities. This will take a little longer to clean out. Seven full days of juice cleansing will purify your blood of bacteria and other harmful parasites. For most people over thirty, a ten day cleanse ensures complete detox and at least a few days of bountiful energy, really helping to restart the system. Some people may benefit from cleansing for even longer periods of time.