* Indicates non-vegan foods. Vegan cheese may be substituted upon request.


Served Until 11 am

Add fresh squeezed orange juice to your breakfast for $5

Soup & Salads

The freshest produce and ingredients. Artfully prepared for you.


Hand crafted flatbread pizza, made from the finest fresh ingredients.

Zesty Bowls

Choose your grain, beans, 3 vegetables, topping and sauce.


· Basmati Rice
· Brown Rice
· Quinoa

· Black Beans
· Garbanzo Beans

· Broccoli
· Brussel Sprouts
· Butternut Squash
· Cabbage and Kale
· Cremini Mushrooms
· Cumin Spiced Carrots
· Grilled Peppers and Onion
· Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower

· Carrot Ginger
· Chimichurri
· Curry
· Lemongrass
· Mango
· Salsa
· Vegan Cheese

· Apple Cider Soaked Cranberries
· Candied Soy Nuts
· Coconut Bacon
· Pepita Parm
· Pita Croutons

Add Ons
· Avocado
· Beyond Burger Patty
· Extra Veggies
· Jalapeño
· Soy Beef
· Soy Chicken

Signature Bowls

Zeste Bowls specially created to be delicious and nutritious.

Zeste Restaurant Zesty Classic Burger

Zesty Burgers

Burgers served with your choice of side.

Add Ons: Avocado, egg*, coconut bacon, mushroom
Substitute for a Gluten-Free bun for $1.50

Artisan Sandwiches

Sandwiches served with choice of side.

Add Ons: Avocado, egg*, coconut bacon, mushroom

Zeste Restaurant Cran-Brie Grilled Cheese

Kids Menu

Served with choice of fruit cup, veggie cup or fries.

Zeste Restaurant Menu Mac and Cheese

Tasty Sides

Delicious accompaniments to any meal.


Zeste is proud to offer a variety of delicious, healthy, locally-sourced dessert options every day. Be sure to ask about today’s sweet selections!

Fresh Juice Creations

Daily fresh pressed juices mixed when you order.

Add Ons: CBD oil, ginger, protein powder, ginseng, turmeric

Zeste Restaurant Menu Acai Bowl

Acai Bowls

Super food acai berry pureed and served with fresh toppings.

Artisan Smoothies

The freshest, most flavorful ingredients, crafted into delicious blended beverages.

Add Ons: CBD oil, ginger, protein powder, ginseng, hemp seeds, chia seeds, lavender oil

Wellness Shots

Small powerful shot of concentrated nutrition.

Hot Coffee

First Attack  12oz $1.75
16oz $2.10
20oz $2.95

Krakens Release 12oz $1.75
16oz $2.10
20oz $2.95

Sudri 12oz $1.75
16oz $2.10
20oz $2.95

Hygge 12oz $1.75
16oz $2.10
20oz $2.95

Cold Coffee

Kaldrbrew  16oz $4.50
20oz $5.25

NitroBrew 16oz $4.75
20oz $6.00

Growlers $20.00
Refills $15.00

Specialty Drinks

Espresso 2oz $2.00
4oz $2.75

Double Espresso 2oz $2.75
4oz $3.25

Americano 12oz $2.75
16oz $2.75

Cappuccino 12oz $3.00
16oz $4.00

Latte 12oz $3.30
16oz $4.40

Matcha Green Tea 16oz $4.00

Iced Matcha
Green Tea
16oz $4.00

Chai Tea 16oz $4.00

Iced Chai Tea 16oz $4.00

Add Ons
Vanilla Bean  12oz $0.50
16oz $0.60

Grated Chocolate 12oz $0.30
16oz $0.35

Cinnamon 12oz $0.30
16oz $0.35

Nutmeg 12oz $0.30
16oz $0.35

Ginseng12oz $0.30
16oz $0.35

Zeste Restaurant Menu Coffee

Signature Coffee

The Hammer 12oz $3.50
16oz $4.00
20oz $4.50

Kraken’s Release with double VIG

Raven’s Eye 12oz $3.00
16oz $3.50
20oz $4.00

Kraken’s Release with cinnamon and turmeric

Fenris 12oz $3.00
16oz $3.50
20oz $4.00

Kraken’s Release with vanilla, cinnamon and ginseng

Grendel Bulletproof 12oz $3.75
16oz $4.25
20oz $4.75

Sudri with Irish butter and MCT oil